A feather from an angel (2018)

I love throwing porcelain. Making it delicate and thin enough to be translucent. It's so light and pure, just like what I am always looking for : A feather from an angel!


Limerence turns into love (2019)

Every breath carved your image in my soul.

The carving pattern is generated from the indelible memory of a snowy Friday the 13th in 2017. I keep carving the same pattern repeatedly. Never get bored and never want to stop! This is the pattern which can heal my inner self.


Emptiness of stars (2019)

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Stars are empty forms, but emptiness takes form as stars. Both are true , both necessary.


Fantasy scents of petrichor (2017)

Whenever it rains, and its earthy scent -- the petrichor -- hits my senses, memories come flashing and I go back in time to my childhood.


Wear me if you dare (2018)

I love to create functional porcelain jewelry. Everyone can wear it in a unique and stylish way. Especially those who have enough courage to face their own deep desires.