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Hand-thrown multifunctional warm white porcelain cups. Ideal drinks cups by day, perfect candle holders by night. They are also great as gifts.


Maintenance : dishwasher & microwave safe

Series : Emptiness of stars

Timecode : 20292 2359

Size : H63mm, Ø82mm

Capacity : 240ml

Weight : 216g

Timecode : 20336 0152

Size : H62mm, Ø83mm

Capacity : 280ml

Weight : 162g


Notes : Both pieces are fired 3 times up to 1258°C. There is 1 kiln stilt marks at the bottoms of the right piece (As you can see in the 4th pic). Being handcrafted, they are all unique and they are not perfectly round (As you can see in the 2nd & 3rd pics).